Sunday, 23 March 2008

South-Shore Pyramide

We love garage sales. First because they are the purest expression of the democratization of capitalism right on the front lawn (Exactly where capitalism likes to be). Seconds because we are voyeurs and going through people's stuff gives us a breathtaking view of what the neighbor has were hiding from us all winter. And finally because we can get great stuff for cheap. Boy do we love stuff.

Young builder's grand-mother bought this set of old Mega Bloks from a garage sale last year, nobody knew how to use them, nobody had even tried to open the bag. We just jumped in there like savages and gave this bag of blocks the ride of it's life!

Builder architectural notes:
Today's constraints were:
  1. Use ALL the material available
  2. Make a color coordination effort
Notice the exhaustion pattern from bottom to the top. It's been are recurring theme and with builder number 2 on it's way, I think we will have many more occasion of revisiting the subject.

Tunnel to Camel

The young builder is in a phase where he likes to run moving objects in, out and under covered structures. So I started this one for him thinking I could probably squeeze a few minutes of alone -time out of it and read the financial pages.

When I looked back, the bridge-tunnel had turned into a camel. "Not bad, apprentice!" I exclaimed inside my head as I placed my hand on his shoulder. Even when faced with the greatest accomplishments, the master must keep a detached attitude. These are the sacrifices that must be made to train a true Lego Master.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Quick Blurb

Sometimes you just build, no goal, no objective, no end game. I name this piece "Irak Invasion".

Monday, 3 March 2008

Builder of the Walls

Of my all time favorite bands, Dead Brain Cells has to be the one closest to my Cartesian side. You might want to make the case that my objective flanking is alone out there, but I would simply remind the 4 people reading these lines that I sometimes bug-out to slanderous mambo such as Au Bal Masqué.

Citing DBC's Estuary seems appropriate here given today's featured piece:
Builder of the walls
Back inside his guarded palace
Ruler over all
These lyrics and accompanying massive bass lines illustrate a key turning point in humanity's history. Even though there is no clear sign that the young builder is about to settle down, I'm hopeful that this conversion from a nomadic to a sedentary lifestyle is taking place as he twirls around the living room.

Are we building a ruler? Will he extend his control from inanimate objects to living being? Will he want to rules over all, including us?