Saturday, 30 December 2006

Fragility 1 and 2

Fragile is the blok. The Destructor is constantly watching, crawling, grabbing, dragging down to the form of the mass producer. Living entropy to the fullest.

Goodbye Saddam

World events again at the center of his creation. A simple yet effective comment on the efficiency of traditional methods.

Salut Soleil

Salut Soleil, a morning piece.

Friday, 29 December 2006

Monochromatic Triptych

Monochromatic Triptych is the expression of purity through the extensive color palette of the building bloks. This piece screams out I want Trendy Colors! Again, the artist pushes the medium to the limits of expression by isolating the components of matter itself.

After the Storm

We know from past interviews and the artist's following that the low number of building pieces (known in the milieu as bloks block) has always been a unclassifiable variable the artist has had to work with. Sometimes his rage would not be contained by his art and he would lose touch for weeks at a time. The best outcome was his refined technique, widely copied, of hollow building to suggest massive forms. Here the artist starts on a quest greater than the available material and he is stopped in full momentum by the eternal no more pieces. Silence follows. Contemplate.

Red House Under The Staircase

Exaggeration of the classic forms seems to be the artists preferred mode of expression with this piece. Color balance is primed, however the left side extrusion confirms his long suspeted cultural and social stance. Clearly his most political piece to date.

After Lunch Break - The Eye Tower

First post!!!

After lunch is always a difficult time to do anything. This piece is an expression of digestive laziness through it's lack of symmetry and it's carpet refusal of structural opportunity. The eye piece at the top is interpreted as a sign of recovery from lassitude and perhaps the rising of new energies.