Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Artsite en résidence - Greg

Greg made this tower after Godzilla the destroyer went to bed. It only postponed it's destruction until the next morning.

Final dimensions: 6 feet.

Artiste en résidence - Mila

Mila was experimenting with gravity and leaning towers in this piece. It inspires us all.

Notice the central tower, as color scheme intensifies from yellow to red it underlines the tension of the gravitational pull. The final roof-like block explodes into the unequivocal pressure of living at 9.8 meters per second.

A masterpiece!

Artiste en résidence - Marjo



African Ngulu Reliquary guarding the sofa where rests the remains of his dead master.

In these modern days where bone guards can be made of plastic blocks, refusal of payment is a rare event.. Sacred Africa is free and there is a nice reading room with four couches hidden at the very end.


Cityscape poche